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You're the leader of one of Korean Resistance sects such as Armed Resistance(무장 투쟁론), Ability Fostering Movement(실력 양성론) and Independence by Diplomacy(외교 독립론). You can assassinate the key figures of Empire of Japan such as Ito Hirobumi, sabotage Japanese facilities such as Oriental Development Company, lead resistance movements such as the March 1st Movement, enlighten your fellow Chosun citizens by establishing Korean Language Society, or promote conclusion of a treaty with the other Powers to liberate your home country, Chosun.

Empire of Japan seems to be unbeatable and our Korean Resistance sects are so small at this moment. Therefore you need to collaborate with your competing Korean Resistance sects to carry out those operations against Empire of Japan. Even you can break out the prison to get someone in the other sect out. You can share the rewards from the operations with the collaborators as you promised. Or, NOT.

In the other hand, you can disturb them by informing Japanese Police or so. Remember, your competing Korean Resistance sects are too naive or ignorant. You should become the hero and leader of new Chosun.

Let the game begin!

A note from the developers:

One of the design goals is to let players understand why and how Korean Resistance sects collaborate and competed(or even betrayed) one another by letting players walk in the sect leaders' shoes as we can learn something from playing Diplomacy by Avalon Hill/Hasbro.


Game Design: Ahreum Shin, Kiwoong Kay Kim

Visual Arts: Ahreum Shin (The pictograms in the game are from http://thenounproject.com )


Install instructions

Please download, print and cut the materials, and make your own history!


Independence Day-Chosun-gr8artgame-sk.pdf 1 MB

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